So, it’s Monday morning and you’re back at the office. And since there is not much to do, you decide to check the analytic reports from your website to see how much traffic was generated over the weekend. For some reason the charts don’t look too appealing. Traffic has dropped to the negative side. Ever wonder why you don’t get much traffic to your website? Ever considered taking the time to evaluate your overall layout of your website? Below is an infographic to show why you might not be generating any traffic towards your site.

Let’s be honest. Driving people or traffic to your website is hard enough. But it’s worst when they arrive and then suddenly leave and never return! In this infographic from provided by us here at Mory & Co. we look at 8 possible reasons people might want to leave your website. Personally, bad navigation and layout is a big pet peeve!

Now, it’s pretty easy to find a designer willing to work on any project nowadays. Finding a professional in the area of UI design who is also familiar with best practices, however, is still an uphill battle. If you want to place yourself in contention for these kinds of positions, you’ll need to remain up to date with the latest developments in the field.

Knowing the best practices to follow on every interface design project will put you far ahead of most candidates who simply fire off designs without taking into consideration the variety of details that go into the creation of an interface. 

Oh! Before you go, check this out! An interactive image. Try it out, you can play around with the phone.

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