Without spending a huge amount of money on traditional advertising, social media marketing allows you to target a wide range of potential clients or customers while you’re still in touch with your current customers. Having an online presence on popular social platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and more suggest to the world that your company or business is on latest, cutting edge or is keeping up with changing times. Promoting your business via social media has many benefits. However, it requires a lot of dedication, work and patience on your end.

Staying in Touch with Current Customers

Social media allows you to connect with people who already use of your products or services. Convince your customers to connect with you on your social media network by posting a poster about it at your business location. Print the URL of your preferred social network on your business cards. If you have a store, insert postcards in your shopping bags when people purchase products, to encourage them to find your company on social media. Many social platforms allow your customers to “check in” at your location whenever they visit, allowing others to know that they are at your location which will increase your audience and potentially gain more customers.

Searching for New Customers

Social media gives you the opportunity to reach out to new potential clients or customers. You can reach out to your current customer base to reach new ones. Tell your current customers to tweet, repost or post on their wall,  by offering a special discount to them for every new person they refer who follows or likes your business on social media. And you can also offer new followers a discount as well!

Open Communication

Social media lets you notify followers, likers or friends of sales or offers quickly specifically only valid to them. It allows your customers to contact you much faster. Customers can address issues or problems by writing or posting on your wall or sending you direct messages allowing you to respond quickly & attempt to solve the situation. Customers also can share positive experiences or reviews with your company on your social media page, which is one of the best types of advertising, (word of mouth). You can also ask your followers by posting statuses about what they like or what they would like done by your company.


Practically all social media sites are free to use. They put you in direct contact with new and current customers without you having to spend a dime. You might only need to blast out an email to your customers asking them to follow or connect with you on social media. Depending on your budget, large or small, you can purchase advertising space on social media. Those advertisements will show up on the pages of whose profiles fit your niche or have interest in your business goals or styles. And those usually cost way cheaper than print advertising or broadcasting live on Tv or radio.

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